KARA: My RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) Daughter

Our First Years: During that first summer together, we learned that Kara knew how to swim, was a quick learner and by the time the school year began, she was speaking English like it was a native language.  Of course, she often didn’t know what a word meant, but she’d say she did, so communicationContinue reading “KARA: My RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) Daughter”

My Frustrating International Adoption

My Child Kara: While Susan, my foster kid, was with me, I received “the” call from International Mission of Hope’s U.S. agency.  They had a child that I might be interested in adopting.  It was a little five year old boy.  I immediately said “Yes!!”  I was so excited to finally get my child.  IContinue reading “My Frustrating International Adoption”

The Worst Time of My Life

The phone call at 4:00am jarred me awake.  It was a nurse calling to tell me my 12 year old adopted daughter, who had given birth to a baby girl the day before, had been raped in the hospital.  How could this happen?  Aren’t hospitals supposed to be safe places? I raced to the hospital. Continue reading “The Worst Time of My Life”

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