Three Rhyming Words: RAD, BAD, SAD!!!!

There are times when I wish I could tell parents of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) that everything will turn out all right for their child. It makes me so sad when I hear stories of how some of these kids carry their trauma into bad relationships or worse. The worst is what happenedContinue reading “Three Rhyming Words: RAD, BAD, SAD!!!!”

Non-Traditional Adoptive Parents – Section 1

Years ago, I watched a PBS program about new books and the authors. I can still remember that day so vividly. The weather was cloudy and I was bored with the basketball games running on the regular TV stations. It was a Saturday in the middle of January. The author of the book They CameContinue reading “Non-Traditional Adoptive Parents – Section 1”

Are You an Angry Parent of a RAD Child?

I know I am! How about you, my readers? What is really causing your anger? Is it your child or is it the fact that when you ask for help the power-people tell you “You just need to LOVE them more?” When I hear that statement, I always wonder if these nincompoops have ever hadContinue reading “Are You an Angry Parent of a RAD Child?”


Isn’t that a dumb question? Has it happened to you? Cause it’s happened to me. I can honestly say no one would ever diagnose me with PTSD and that is a problem. Why do I think this? For one thing my best friend of over 35 years was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at theContinue reading “CAN YOU GET PTSD FROM YOUR ADOPTED CHILDREN?”

My Published Book and the Responses to It.

The book “My Adoption Life” is not flourishing right now.  I really didn’t expect it to. You could say there were things that I needed to do before publishing it. Well, there were, but I’m always a step ahead of where I should be. I should have had people lined up to review the manuscriptContinue reading “My Published Book and the Responses to It.”

Evolution of Christmas Traditions in My Life

For first time visitors to this blog, my name is Ann Lamphere, this is my story. I’m the adoptive parent of Kara Kay Lamphere Sansing.  I’m also an adoption social worker and have been the director of an adoption agency. Christmas Break Today, I’m taking a break from My Adoption Story.  It is 6 days untilContinue reading “Evolution of Christmas Traditions in My Life”