Really Non-Traditional Adoptive Parents!

NON-TRADITIONAL ADOPTIVE PARENTS – Section 2 Who are non-traditional adoptive parents? For one thing I’m one, a single never-married adoptive parent. In this post, I’ll be discussing what constitutes non-traditional adoptive parent(s) There are always going to be someone who thinks that non-traditional people shouldn’t adopt. The comments I’ve heard over the years have disgustedContinue reading “Really Non-Traditional Adoptive Parents!”

Non-Traditional Adoptive Parents – Section 1

Years ago, I watched a PBS program about new books and the authors. I can still remember that day so vividly. The weather was cloudy and I was bored with the basketball games running on the regular TV stations. It was a Saturday in the middle of January. The author of the book They CameContinue reading “Non-Traditional Adoptive Parents – Section 1”

Hunting for Reactive Attachment Disorder (R.A.D.) Groups

Today I want to find other programs that help parents of adopted children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). I’ve checked out some Facebook RAD groups. I hate to say it, but some of the groups have less than 5 members. I know the families must be hurting because there are so many of these smallContinue reading “Hunting for Reactive Attachment Disorder (R.A.D.) Groups”

Exciting News on My RAD Course!

Oh my gosh, I have great news. My course has been purchased several times. The director of Wasatch International Adoptions purchased the beginning section. She is going to add it to the agency training manual for new adopting families. The director, Ms. Kathleen Kaiser gave the course a great review. This is what she saidContinue reading “Exciting News on My RAD Course!”

Informing Professionals and Adoptive Families Communicating to Each Other About RAD

Over the last 11 years, the recurring complaint from families of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) is that NOBODY LISTENS TO THEM. I hear this statement all the time. Why is RAD such an ignored diagnosis? Nobody, even the majority of therapists, recognize the symptoms of RAD. The common diagnosis that’s given to childrenContinue reading “Informing Professionals and Adoptive Families Communicating to Each Other About RAD”

Options for Parents of Children with R.A.D.

Are you an adoptive parent of a child with Reactive Attachment Disorder? Have you considered dissolving your child’s adoption? I can hear the protests now. “Why would anyone consider getting rid of their child?”   As a former parent of a child with RAD, I know why parents do consider placing their child with anotherContinue reading “Options for Parents of Children with R.A.D.”

Anyone Here Experiencing Burnout with R.A.D.?

I just heard a song that I feel says it all for me today. “Stop the World and Let Me Off!” With everything going on in the world, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), seems like such a minor thing. For families dealing with their children with RAD and associated behaviors, their world is a day-to-day existenceContinue reading “Anyone Here Experiencing Burnout with R.A.D.?”

If Only I Were Younger!

I wish at times that I were younger. Every time I work with a family who says they can’t parent their child any longer because of their child’s sexualized behaviors, I want to yell, “Send ‘em my way!” These children are just children that an adult or an older child has sexually traumatized. These kidsContinue reading “If Only I Were Younger!”

Are you ready to learn more about Reactive Attachment Disorder?

In just a few days, when my brain and computer work together, I’m going to be launching the first part of my on-line course called: “Opening the Eyes of Professionals to The Realities of Reactive Attention Disorder in Children” A Course for Physicians, Social Workers, Teachers, Police, Judges, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists This course is reallyContinue reading “Are you ready to learn more about Reactive Attachment Disorder?”

Role Model Therapy

Today I’ve invited JENNY DEW to be my guest and post about a unique therapy for children with Reactive Attachment Disorder that she and her husband used for her two kids with RAD. Thank you, Jenny. Explanation for Role Model Therapy I had a few people ask me about how I talked my therapist intoContinue reading “Role Model Therapy”

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