My Genealogy/Ancestry Hobby

I’m sure people who follow adoption blogs are all going to question why I’m writing a blog on genealogy. Chasing my ancestors has been one of my favorite hobbies. I’m thinking of writing a book on my female ancestors. I have 4 amazing women to write about. I know a lot about my great-grandmothers andContinue reading “My Genealogy/Ancestry Hobby”

My Great-Grandmother: Helen

After finishing the posts about My Adoption Life, I’ve been taking a few days to re-group. Doing family history is my hobby. Until “My Adoption Life” book is published I’m going to write about my family history research. If you would be willing to read the finished manuscript, please leave a comment on my FacebookContinue reading “My Great-Grandmother: Helen”

What Happened to 1983?

Covid-19 This whole year has been a blur for me, I don’t know about you. I’ve learned about how well my “patience” education has helped me cope with isolation and worry.  The one thing it’s given me is time to begin writing this blog. This post is one that really doesn’t have any major crisesContinue reading “What Happened to 1983?”