Our Course Is Finished

Our course on Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) has finally been completed. This course has been designed for Professional Power People – you know police, physicians, teachers, social workers, case workers or anyone with power over parents of a child with RAD.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Here’s the news of the day. My course “Opening the Eyes of Professionals to Reactive Attachment Disorder” is finally complete. The course is designed to teach professionals about RAD, but it’s also a valuable tool to use with family and friends to help them fully understand a child with RAD. After a whole year, my friend and colleague (aka graphic designer) Jennifer Linch has done a wonderful job of making things in the course come alive.

Before this thing goes live to the world, we’re offering it to people who have followed my blog for $250 (once it goes live, it will be $500.) If any of you are interested or know someone that would appreciate it, please email me with your request and I will set up a PayPal invoice. Once the invoice is paid, I will forward the link to the course.

My email is lamp1685@yahoo.com

N. Ann Lamphere, CSW

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