November – National Adoption Month

I’ve heard it said by many adoptive parents of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) that they hate November because it’s National Adoption Month. Their dreams of a successful adoption had become nightmares.

As an adoptive parent of a child with RAD, I sit in the middle of the discussions all the time. My birthday falls in the middle of November. I do not think of the month being bad or sad.


I’ve seen good things and bad come out of adoptions. I’m a cock-eyed optimist – to coin a phrase. For most people, adoption is a positive endeavor.  The ones that don’t have good to great experiences are those of us who adopt a child with RAD. I believe in the “lemons to lemonade” theory. If it’s bad, do what you can to make it better.

I’ve never minded my November birthday – I had no choice, of course. Even when they decided to designate November as Adoption Month, I’ve always liked November.

This year I have the opportunity to help some children with diagnoses of RAD, find new homes. This is not re-homing. I’m a social worker with Wasatch International Adoptions and have been involved with placing children with RAD legally for over 11 years.

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I’d really like to see all of the children listed on our R.A.D. Teen Adoptions’ Facebook page find wonderful, caring families. The children range from nine to thirteen right now.

Consider opening your hearts and homes to one of these children. I can guarantee it will be an adventure that could be really worthwhile to you and to a child in need.

I’m listing the children by their FB names (not their real names of course.)

Lacey                            Sam                               Greg

Allie                               Larry                              Emily


Look for those kids on Facebook and if you are interested, DM us for more information.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you have general adoption questions, email me at

To inquire about any of our waiting kids, email us at

N. Ann Lamphere, MSW

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