Really Non-Traditional Adoptive Parents!


Who are non-traditional adoptive parents? For one thing I’m one, a single never-married adoptive parent. In this post, I’ll be discussing what constitutes non-traditional adoptive parent(s)

There are always going to be someone who thinks that non-traditional people shouldn’t adopt. The comments I’ve heard over the years have disgusted me. A child in need of a parent should not have his or her parents disparaged for their choice of lifestyle.

The first group of parents are those never-married men and woman. As one of this group, I will always promote the possibilities of their parenting skills. Children who have manipulated and triangulated previous adopted parents, often do better with this group because the targets aren’t as readily available.

I love single dads who are ready and willing to become fathers and mentors for older boys with a lot of issues. Believe it or not, this is one of the groups, We need the most to become adoptive parents. The boys need you!

Dad and child

As a single female adoptive parent, I want other single women to become adoptive parents. The ability to relate to a girl with major issues has made this group one of my favorite adoptive parent groups.

Over the years, I have seen same-sex couples successfully raise children, whether biological or adopted. I’m going to start calling them “Double Dads and Two Moms” because that’s what they would be in adopting one of our children. The children do not become gay or lesbian from living in those families! I resent hearing that those relationships are not normal.

By the way, what do you consider normal? Is it better to live in a home where the father continues to sexually abuse his daughters? Or, where the son is also sexually abused? Or the children starve, or get beaten, or neglected? For many children this is “normal.”

None of the family situations above would be considered normal. If the children accept the parents’ love and grow up and become successful, that’s is so much better than “normal.”

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