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Exciting News on My RAD Course!

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Oh my gosh, I have great news. My course has been purchased several times. The director of Wasatch International Adoptions purchased the beginning section. She is going to add it to the agency training manual for new adopting families.

The director, Ms. Kathleen Kaiser gave the course a great review. This is what she said about the course. “I have found this information on RAD incredibly timely and informative. The information is very readable and understandable and the format is great.  I feel this information will be a tremendous help to both our agency’s staff and the clients we work with.”

Here’s a person who understands the need for this information to get out to new adoptive families.

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The course should be taken by therapists, teachers and medical personnel to introduce them to Reactive Attachment Disorder. Most of the people in those professions really have little understanding of RAD.

Have any of my readers a way to get the names, addresses and directors of private adoption agencies in the United States? Their emails would be helpful. If you feel it’s important to reach as many people as we can to tell the world about RAD, please help get the word out about the course.

If you have any information about professionals you feel need to hear about the course, please email me at

Right now, the first section of the course costs $49 with an option to purchase the rest of the course for $200. The cost will go up November 1, 2021 to $500.

Here’s a link to the course material: Opening the Eyes of Professionals and Families to R.A.D. (

Thanks to all my readers. I really appreciate all of you.

N. Ann Lamphere, MSW

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