Anyone Here Experiencing Burnout with R.A.D.?

I just heard a song that I feel says it all for me today. “Stop the World and Let Me Off!” With everything going on in the world, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), seems like such a minor thing. For families dealing with their children with RAD and associated behaviors, their world is a day-to-day existence and who cares what’s happening elsewhere?

I’ve experienced something this week I never thought would happen to me. I experienced a major headache and psychosomatic pain that was so debilitating I couldn’t walk. What caused this? I think it’s called burnout!

I’ve been working practically every day since last April. I started writing a course to reach professionals and people who’ve never heard of Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).  I have part of the course designed for un-informed family and friends ready to go.

In May, Wasatch International Adoptions’ director and I discovered that our Second Chance Program was no longer taking children over nine years old. We decided to start an adoption program for children nine years old to 15 years old. Trying to get this program functional has been a challenge. We call it R.A.D. Teen Adoptions.

WIAA Ogden

This last week one of our first children is being adopted. Getting all the paperwork required became an issue.  At times I felt that I was not up to the job of running this program.  The whole week has been one stressor after another.

Today, I’m feeling a little more encouraged as the whole situation is going in the right direction.  The placement will be happening next weekend. When it’s completed, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief.


My next serious project is finding new homes for children that our program wants to help. We’re looking for all kinds of families: traditional (moms and dads, non-traditional (single moms and dads) and really non-traditional (same-sex couples).  We are also looking to recruit families of all ethnicities.

If you know someone that would love to help a child, would you please share this post.  

Check out our Facebook page: RAD Teen Child Adoptions for profiles of available children. We are looking to have a couple more children listed in the next week or two.

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N. Ann Lamphere, MSW  

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