Are You Interested in Adopting a Child with R.A.D.?

Why adopt a child with RAD?

Kids at the Beach

Do you like older children? Do you enjoy being able to have a meaningful conversation with a child? Older kids often really appreciate being treated like an equal, but still need direction. Are you ready for the ride of your life? RAD kids will take you where no one has gone before! Look at parenting one of these kids as a grand adventure, because your life will never be the same again.

Have I scared you off? I hope not. The answer to “why adopt a child with RAD?” is you like older children, you feel you can make a difference in a child’s life and you feel you have something of value to give to a child.

Children, especially older kids, want someone to do things with. They want to be liked. They may not love you, but if you do things with them, i.e., play sports, video games, go camping, etc. and be a mentor, you could really have a great relationship.

What are the children like?

That’s a really loaded question. What are the children like? They’re like good kids, bratty kids, obnoxious teenagers, boys or girls interested in the opposite sex and any other crazy thing a teen can dream up.

You might need to feel comfortable with minor criminal activities that could have you visiting the juvenile court system. These can happen to biological teens as well as RAD teens, so for the most part, ordinary growing pains.

The children could have great grades, or they could decide that’s not what they wanted to do and shut their hearing off because they don’t want to be hounded to learn stuff. They do not want to hear what they are doing to themselves because the future to them is not a concern at the moment.

The RAD kids may want to experiment with alcohol or recreational drugs. Are you ready for that? Remember, these behaviors are mirrored by kids with biological parents. As a parent of a RAD kid, you might need to be more open to discuss dangerous situations in order to help them.

I’m a parent of a child who, even though never diagnosed, had Reactive Attachment Disorder. It was a tough time, but what it did for me was make me an advocate for the older children who need homes as badly as she did. I’m never going to stop trying to find homes for older children as long as I have the ability to help these special kids.

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N. Ann Lamphere, MSW

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