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New Research:

In May and the first part of June this year, I read many research articles on Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). What can I tell you who are parents of children with RAD? Probably nothing new. However, I recently read a couple of articles that suggest a better diagnosis for children with RAD is Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD).

The Diagnostic and Statistics Manual (DSM 5), which is always slow to add new diagnoses of any kind, says RAD is caused by traumatic experiences before the age of five. There have been some critical objections to that age limit, but for the most part children under five don’t have the mental capabilities to fight off the results of trauma.

There is a good article I recommend called “Learn how to recognize the signs, symptoms, and effects of reactive attachment disorder.” The Resource Treatment Center provides comprehensive mental health and psychiatric treatment for youth who are suffering from RAD.

This article really goes into great detail about RAD and all the issues the children have. If you need help locating the article, please let me know – I’ll help you find it.

I read a continuing education article from the American Psychology Association on the subject of Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD) which I found very interesting and described RAD behaviors in children better than anything I’ve read on the subject.

Here’s an article that might explain it better: Developmental Trauma Disorder – A new, rational diagnosis for children with complex trauma histories by: Bessel A. van der Kolk, MD.


Being informed is the best thing and I think the new designation of DTD is much better than RAD – you know, more alphabet soup!

If you get a chance to read any of these articles, I’d love to hear from you. My email is lamp1685@yahoo.com.

Thanks for reading my blog.

N. Ann Lamphere, MSW

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article, Anna! While it’s not my field, I find this information very helpful. 🙂

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