Who Likes Teenagers?

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Or should I say, “Who Likes teenagers with Reactive Attachment Disorder?” I can honestly say, I like teenagers in general. Those with RAD are usually just more difficult to reach. But, I like them too!

The RAD kids are tough and will try to manipulate you or want to stir up problems or usually respond with something negative. Are you capable of ignoring the bad behaviors and try to find the positives the child has.

I love a challenge. It’s so important that we try to reach these kids. If you understand the normal teenage brain (who does by the way?), you know they don’t think anything like an adult. A RAD teen’s brain is already in that mode, so it’s important to mentor them and gently guide them without losing your cool.

There’s a new option out there for the older children with Reactive Attachment Disorder. It’s called R.A.D. Teen Adoptions and it is a program from the agency Wasatch International Adoptions. The program will take children nine to 15.

The agency knows that there are people out there who have adopted teenagers from foreign countries and these children have a chance of turning out to be happy, successful adults. There is a statistic of 75% used by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in research completed in 2017 to state that older children adopted from foster care can turn their lives around with a stable, loving family.

Not all children settle in as permanent family members, but use the adults as mentors and change their thinking around. Success with RAD kids needs to be counted when a child makes plans for their own future with or without the aid of the family that took on the challenge and adopted them.

Are you a person that likes teenagers? Are you ready for the biggest challenge of your life? Remember, parenting these kids requires a lot of patience, self-confidence, and a willingness to take a risk in order to change a child’s life.

For more information, email them at radteenadopting@wiaa.org.

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