Who Are Heroes of RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder)?

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Discussions of RAD behaviors and children and parents that I read about are often either sad or angry. In this blog I want to be upbeat and talk about my heroes of RAD.

My first hero I’m introducing is not a person the RAD community would necessarily be familiar with.  Her name is Kathleen Kaiser (Kathy to her staff and friends.) Kathy has been the director of Wasatch International Adoptions for over 20+ years.

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Kathy doesn’t get enough credit for being a far-sighted adoption advocate. She is an incredible leader. When she agreed to have the Second Chance for Kids program in the agency, she knew it would be a challenge to get the State of Utah regulators to approve the program. Her willingness to take on the powers that be is why the agency still has the program for over 11 years.  

When Kathy was advised that the Second Chance program was not taking in children with RAD over the age of 10, she agreed that it was important to begin a program for these older children. The new program is called RAD Teen Adoptions. Kathy is very supportive of getting this program off the ground.

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The RAD Teen program will help find new parents of children between 10 and 15. Second Chance did find families for older children when they first started. Wasatch believes there are still families out there who love older kids. They are actively searching for these families. They would like to find parents of every ethnicity and singles, same sex couples and traditional parents.

I have other heroes. These people are parents of children with RAD who have written books in order to help other families understand they’re not alone in living with a RAD child. Many of these books are best sellers.

There are several Facebook groups that are designed to allow parents of RAD kids to discuss how to treat these children or vent when life becomes too difficult. The administrators of the FB pages have a tough job keeping the discussions civil at times. I find the people on these pages are heroes because they are reaching out for help.

I love those parents who felt it was in the child’s best interest to be placed in another family. These are extraordinary heroes. Even though their hearts were breaking, they cared enough to let go of their dreams.


Parents who have taken steps to adopt a child from the Second Chance program are also heroes. Some of these children’s behaviors were so incredibly awful, but the kids did an unbelievable turn around that the placing families have had a difficult time believing this really happened.

Amazingly, it did!

I would love to hear from any of my readers, if they have a particular Hero. I think it’s important to recognize these heroes in our lives. Most people who do small things in our lives don’t realize that they really are heroes!

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N. Ann Lamphere, MSW

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