My Genealogy/Ancestry Hobby

I’m sure people who follow adoption blogs are all going to question why I’m writing a blog on genealogy. Chasing my ancestors has been one of my favorite hobbies. I’m thinking of writing a book on my female ancestors.

Great-Grandmother Helen

I have 4 amazing women to write about. I know a lot about my great-grandmothers and I think there might be historians who might find what I have to say interesting. 

How Adopted Children Fit into Family History?

I have a concern for adopted children. When someone mentions ancestors, the adopted child thinks “Who am I? I have nobody to call a great-grandparent!” I’ve been thinking about this for some time.

My daughter from India had buried her past, but once it came out she could deal with those traumas.  She even expressed her loss of her father and sister. I think if I had known even where she really came from, we could have discussed the area around Chittagong instead of Calcutta and maybe found some pictures of the city.

Kara Lamphere

Even though the adoptive family may have very limited information on the child’s history, they could give some history about the country or situation that caused the child to be available. They could write a story and give the child a part of their story.

I know some families don’t want to hurt their child’s feelings, but ignoring or not validating their history can cause emotional problems later when they grow up.

Good or bad, children are very flexible. They can appreciate the truth about why their adoptive parents adopted them. They just want to know what caused them to be adoptable.

I’d love to hear from adoptive parents to discuss how this could work for their children.

Adoption agencies in Utah that I support:

Wasatch International Adoptions

Children’s Service Society

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