My Published Book and the Responses to It.

The book “My Adoption Life” is not flourishing right now.  I really didn’t expect it to. You could say there were things that I needed to do before publishing it. Well, there were, but I’m always a step ahead of where I should be.

I should have had people lined up to review the manuscript so they could give it a review the day it was published. The few people I knew that would be good reviewers, weren’t interested in the subject.

I knew of a professional that was an experienced person with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) in adopted children. I contacted this person and now I wish I had not! It turned out differently than I expected.

For the last 40+ years I have been dealing with RAD, first as an adoptive parent and then as a social worker working with parents who have issues with their RAD children. I guess since I haven’t made a national name for myself that I don’t count as an expert.

That’s how the professional reacted to me. I was a no body! I was lectured about how my self-published book probably had spelling and punctuation errors. The way she spoke to me made me feel like a child and that I was not worth her time.

Now, I’ve been a proof reader for other writers since my undergraduate college days. I know how to check for any errors in a book. I might miss something once in a while, but so do other proof readers.

My inclination for the professional’s response is that she had been asked to read other inexperienced authors’ books and decided I was just another one. Well, I have two options, I can accept her opinion and just curl up and quit or I can turn this around and prove to myself and others that my book is worth reading.

I’m going to get my book to the people who would get and understand its message. I found the following quote on Facebook this morning and it fits my situation exactly.

( “Before you start to judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life I’m living and if you get as far as I am, just maybe you will see how strong I really am!”

Here is a link to my book.

Adoption agencies in Utah that I support:

Wasatch International Adoptions

Children’s Service Society

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