Adoptions of the Furry Kind – Post 2 of 2!

Because of my daughter Kara’s issues in 1984, we had to move into an apartment. We kept Kara’s cat K.C. because the therapist said we needed to do that. The thing that saddened me the most was that I had to give Kentucky to the Humane Society because I could no longer have 2 cats.

I didn’t get another cat until my mother, who lived with me, went to live in the nursing home. I saw an ad about this orange cat that the shelter was going to have to euthanize because he had been there too long. I went right over to the shelter and rescued him.


Chaucer was his name.  He was never my cat like Tucky was, but he was a good companion. He didn’t like men very much. He took a bite out of my friend, Hal’s hand. When my mother would visit he would come and sit by her. He loved my sister, Myra.

He really liked Steve’s wife Kathy. Steve not so much. One night a friend came to visit and while I was in the kitchen, the friend thought Chaucer needed to go out and she opened the door and away he ran. I spent the next couple of days trying to find him.

Two nights later, I’m awaked with a stranger standing in my bedroom doorway calling my name. How to have a heart attack. It was only Steve, who had a key to my condo, telling me where Chaucer was hiding. We enticed him with some catnip and he was back in the house.

When you get a little crazy remember you’re a sucker for a kitten. My family reminds me of this frequently. I just got this idea that I’d like another cat. My friend Samantha went with me to see if this small rescue group had a cat I would like.

This foster cat family had several available kittens.  Most of the kittens were tabby cats and I’m not a real fan of tabbies. Suddenly around the corner of the home’s kitchen there came this tiny all white kitten (who later became a red point Siamese). I’m talking to the people and this little guy stands in front of me crying. I leaned down and picked him up.

Once in my arms he started to purr and I was a goner. My newest addition I named Robin. We had no carrier for him, so Sam held on to him while I drove her home. Every time I’d start talking, Robin would struggle to get to me. Sam loaned me her pet carrier so I could manage to make it home safely.

Chaucer and Robin

I brought Robin into the house and figured I’d have issues with Chaucer. Never happened. Chaucer adopted our new addition and everything was peaceful. Those 2 cats were great pals. They often could be found curled up together sleeping.

I’ve always thought that there was some tone in my voice that cats like. The reason I say that is that I’ve had 4 cats that have adopted me. They are Dusty, Kentucky, Robin and the last one, Hugh.

I was working at reading the foster care files in 1998 when a staff member called me over to see the feral kittens she had rescued. One of the kittens was a female, the other one was a black and white (the type they call a tuxedo) cat. Everyone there was playing with the kittens. When my turn came the little black and white made himself at home on my lap and refused to let anyone else touch him.

Now I became the owner of 3 cats. I had to take Hugh to the vet because he had ear mites which Robin and Chaucer didn’t need. He also had some parasites and we didn’t need those in our house either.

My Hugh

When it became bedtime, my newest addition to my home, made it very clear Chaucer was not welcome on the bed anymore. Robin could stay, but Chaucer had to go. My 3 pound kitten was now in charge. Hugh was an alpha cat no doubt about it.

Hugh was my bed buddy for the next 17 years.  The poor little guy, in those 17 years we moved 4 times. Cats don’t really like change. The first time we moved we took all 3 cats at one time.  I know better than to do that now.

When we took the cats into the new home, Chaucer tried to kill Hugh. It took 3 humans to get the cats separated. We threw Chaucer into my sister, Myra’s room. He loved her so we knew he’d be okay there.

Hugh settled down finally and he and Robin went exploring. After about 3 days we released Chaucer and he finally accepted the changes. He slept in Myra’s room most of the time.

One day Steve’s kids and their friends asked what Chaucer was doing to Robin. We were going okay, this is something new. The adults in the house lost it. I had a gay cat!!! Chaucer was trying to have sex with Robin. Both were neutered male cats. I’m sorry if no one believes me, but we all witnessed it.

As the years went by, Chaucer and Robin became too ill and had to be euthanized. For a very short time Hugh was the only cat. Steve’s daughter, Stephanie was given a Maine Coon kitten for her birthday. That breed is the giant of the cat world, and Romeo was huge. He weighed 25 pounds when full grown.

Jeff, Steve’s son wanted a cat of his own.  I took him to the Humane Society and he found one of the tiniest little cats ever. Jeff called him Simba which I found really silly since the little guy was no Lion King. At one point I had a 10 pound, 17 pound (Hugh) and a 20+ pound cat.

Simba our kitty cat

Eventually, Romeo the Maine Coon was taken to the Humane Society because he had some behavior issues we couldn’t take care of. He rolled around in the huge cat litter box we owned. Then he shed cat litter all over the house.

After 17 years as my adoring cat, Hugh became very ill and I knew he needed to be euthanized. It almost killed me.  Jeff’s little cat has filled the holes in my life. Jeff may have named him Simba, but I call him Snooks cause he’s just too tiny to be a lion king. This little cat is an only cat now and seems to be okay with it.

Simba loves the 4 of us in our house just about equally. I’m the one who feeds him and takes care of his box. I laugh when I tell people this is an intelligent little guy.  After all he can count!

He gets one little cup of food in the morning. In the evening he gets one cup at a time. He climbs up on my stool about 4 pm and then comes back an hour later for the second cup. He tries to psych me out so I’ll give him a third one. I tell him it’s not happening and he sulks for about 10 minutes. Then he’ll go upstairs to visit Steve and Kathy.

Steve and Simba

He is a loving little guy and we love him back.  Our house would be very lonely without him. I’ve always thought having a pet was something needed to make a house a home.

Here are the child adoption agencies I support.

Wasatch International Adoptions

Children’s Service Society

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